Greetings from DSFA.

We are pleased to inform you that YTL Foundation will be conducting a scholarship info-session on YTL Foundation Scholarship.Information about scholarship packages and career opportunities within their organization to all degree programmes of students are available,except those offered by MK FMHS.

Learn more about the company by visiting their website:

We kindly request your assistance in disseminating this information to students within your respective faculties. and encourage your students (especially Year 1 students) to participate in the virtual sharing organised by UTAR DSFA in collaboration with YTL. 

DSFA aims to achieve a minimum of 100 participants to ensure the success of the sharing session and establish a long-lasting scholarship collaboration scholarship with YTL,  offering sustainable scholarship opportunities for UTAR students. Therefore, we would appreciate your support in encouraging participation from staff and students.

Your support in sharing this opportunity will be greatly appreciated and will help ensure that interested students can benefit from this info-session.

Soft skill points will be awarded to students who participate in the info-session.

The poster for the info session will be disseminated to all UTAR staff and students through Mail Master and Portal Announcement. 

Details of the event are as follows:

Date/Day     : 12 March 2024, Tuesday
Time            : 2.00pm – 4.00pm