Paradise Group Pte Ltd is excited to announce a forthcoming sharing session covering various insightful topics:

– Overview of Company Background
– Global Presence
– Career Advancement Opportunities
– Training and Benefits
– Scholarship Programme Details
– Types of Scholarships Available
– Profiles of Paradise Group Holding Members 

We kindly request your assistance in disseminating this information to students within your respective faculties and encourage your students to participate in the virtual sharing organised by UTAR DSFA in collaboration with Paradise Group Pte Ltd. 

DSFA aims to achieve a minimum of 100 participants to ensure the success of the sharing session and establish a long-lasting scholarship collaboration scholarship with Paradise Group Pte Ltd, offering sustainable scholarship opportunities for UTAR students.

Your support in sharing this opportunity will be greatly appreciated and will help ensure that interested students can benefit from this sharing session.

Below are the details of the sharing session:

Date: 16 April 2024 (Tuesday)
Time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM (Registration begins at 9:30 AM)
Platform: Microsoft Teams

Students may confirm their attendance* by Tuesday, 9 April 2024. (Register here)

*Soft skill points will be awarded to students who participate in this sharing session.