by Ho Pui Yee

During 1970, Filipino refugees from South Philippine were accepted by the Sabah government due to economic and political factors. The settlement consists of approximately 80% of the refugees and 20% of the indigenous people nowadays. The purpose of this project is to reunite and integrate the community in a refugee settlement, Skim Penempatan Pelarian in Telipok, Kota Kinabalu.

This project is proposed to tackle the main site issue which is poverty. In order to mitigate poverty, programmes that encourage them about a self-sustaining lifestyle and improve the existing living quality and well-being of the neighbourhood will be introduced. The concept of the project is about community making to bring people together by proposing programmes in the agriculture, economic and social sector. By proposing diverse programmes leads to creating more sources of income for the refugees and providing them a working opportunity as well. In addition, community facilities such as schools and clinics are proposed which give a good living environment to the neighbourhood.