by Tai Jun Jie

Supervising Lecturers: Ar. Quake Huay Tin

Mentors: Ar. Ngu Ngie Woon

The design for the cultural hub at Sungai Segget seeks to create a dynamic and inclusive space that honors the local community’s cultural heritage.

Inspired by the site’s historical significance and the diverse religious traditions in the surrounding area, the design integrates architecture, nature, and cultural expression harmoniously. Through meticulous spatial planning, transparent facades, and thoughtfully curated programming, the cultural hub serves as a vibrant platform for community engagement, fostering a profound sense of place and cultural pride.

By revitalizing Sungai Segget’s identity, the design provides a lively gathering place for cultural exchange, celebrations, and the preservation of local traditions. Additionally, it establishes a strong visual and experiential connection to the surrounding landscape and the river.