by Liew Yu Qian

Supervising Lecturers: Ar. Sam Chin Sing (MEAP26108 Architecture Design Thesis I) and Ar. Mel Soong Meow Sin (MEAP26608 Architecture Design Thesis II)

Mentors: Ar. Ngu Ngie Woon

The Batu Arang Coal Mining Museum is strategically placed between two significant remnants of heritage—the Coal Mining Tunnel Entrance and the Former Mine Workers Settlements. Acting as a time capsule for the coal mining industry’s ups and downs, the Museum serves to connect these nodes. The Coal Mining Museum goes beyond narrating the illustrious history brought by the British Company to Batu Arang; it also sheds light on the darker aspects of coal mining, specifically its impact on the miners. Ultimately, the Museum concludes alongside the Coal Mining Entrance, symbolizing its culmination.