by Lau Kian Yang

Supervising Lecturers: Ar. Quake Huay Tin

Mentors: Ar. Ch’ng Sao Inn

Pulau Ketam, apparently named ‘crab island,’ is a small island situated off the coast of Port Klang. Recognized for its fishing, delectable seafood, and thriving tourism, it holds immense appeal. This project aims to address the interconnected challenges of economic sustainability and environmental preservation while upholding Pulau Ketam’s distinctive identity.

The proposed design strategies revolve around the concept of the ‘Living Community Path,’ drawing inspiration from the island’s path culture and innovatively repurposing waste materials in construction. By utilizing these discarded materials, the design endeavors to cultivate a resilient and sustainable community; enrich the pathway experience by enhancing its aesthetics and functionality. Ultimately, fostering the creation of new communal spaces.