by Nourhan Sherif Mostafa Hassan Ibrahim

Supervising Lecturers: Ar. Sam Chin Sing (MEAP26108 Architecture Design Thesis I) and Ar. Mel Soong Meow Sin (MEAP26608 Architecture Design Thesis II)

Mentors: Ar. James Chua Ching Ern

The informal settlement of Ezzabet Al-Zabbaleen, Manshiyet Nasser, Cairo, Egypt, is currently viewed as Garbage City solely and targeted for demolition. However, it should be acknowledged as a self-sufficient community where its residents and workers possess remarkable recycling capabilities, responsible for recycling approximately 80% of Cairo’s municipal waste.

Nevertheless, the settlement faces several challenges, including the absence of communal spaces such as parks, adequate healthcare facilities and educational centers and unhygienic working conditions prevail throughout the settlement. This thesis aims to improve livelihoods and the living conditions of scavengers dwellers via establishing a network of healthy work environments while simultaneously creating modest communal and social hubs that can expand and thrive throughout the entire settlement.