by Chen Chun Wun

Supervising Lecturers: Ar. Mel Soong Meow Sin

Chan Sow Lin, situated southeast of downtown Kuala Lumpur, stands as the oldest industrial area in the region. Over time, this land has undergone a notable transformation into a thriving automotive industry hub, offering a comprehensive range of facilities and services following the decline of the tin and iron era.

This thesis aims to critically examine Chan Sow Lin and propose a sustainable design solution to address the current challenges faced by the local automotive industry, while ensuring its future viability.

The proposed design solution seeks to establish a distinct sense of place by integrating local culture with the surrounding community through the exploration and integration of efficient, functional, technical, and practical design principles. The envisioned architectural program will provide ample opportunities for learning, training, practice, and resource collection. Furthermore, the proposed design will facilitate community engagement with and appreciation of the River Kerayong.