by Soo Kei Kit

Chin Woo Association was established to promote traditional Chinese wushu and Chinese culture. Wushu training consists of physical and mental training in order for the practitioners to achieve a state of balance. However, most of the wushu training focuses on physical training programs and not considering much on mental training programs. The issue of Chin Woo Stadium is the lack of a well-designed training venue for wushu training. Furthermore, the new generation’s interest in traditional wushu has inclined throughout the years.

The design concept is to recreate the journey of approaching the Chin Woo Stadium at the top of Petaling Hill. With this proposal, the journey will be able to lead the people from the busy street transitioned into the Wushu Training zone realm which has the potential to cultivate their interest by blending the visitors into the wushu atmosphere. The architecture of the space design is a combination of active zone for physical training and passive zone for mental training. By integrating the old and new, it preserves the historical value of Chin woo Stadium and also gives the stadium a new image with different spatial experiences. Some spaces inside the stadium turned into exhibition spaces to promote the core value of traditional wushu and Chinese culture to the public.