by Poh Yi Ting

Tin mining has played an important role in the early economy of Malaysia. Not only it contributed to the formation of tin mining towns, construction of many infrastructures, this mineral is also widely used in the industry of food canning and soldering of electrical components. However, tin-mining activities will result in poor soil condition and low land value for the tin mine areas. Besides that, the history and contribution of tin mining activities has become oblivious to the younger generations.

With the concept of ‘Journey Through Time’, the museum aims to offer abroad one-station information about tin mining in Malaysia to enhance the knowledge of visitors towards the history and the contribution of tin mining activities to the early development of Malaysia.

The site is located at the south lake of Mines Wellness City, opposite The Mines Shopping Mall at Sri Kembangan, Selangor. The proposed development is expected to act as a catalyst to boost the development of the remaining area of the underutilized south lake of Mines Wellness City.