by Steven Tham Qi Wei []

Film started as an art form that has drawn on several earlier traditions in the fields such as storytelling, literature, theater and visual arts. There are 2 types of film in the industry which is commercial film and independent film. However, the majority of the current film produced in Malaysia and screened in the cinema has been highly dominated by commercial films. This shows that Malaysians are generally having more preference towards commercial films and lack of interest for independent film.

The design intention is to revitalize the art of cinematography. In our country, unlike Europe and Taiwan that have a strong artistic base in culture, there is a general lacking in the education of the society about the importance of Art. Therefore, an architectural approach that is more pro-active in engaging the surrounding context is more appropriate in promoting the art of independent film making.  The main design idea is to make movie screening highly visible to the people on the street. A visually distinctive architectural form is further attempted to generate interest and curiosity in the society. Spaces are organized to depict a clear process of film making, as well as history and evolution of film.