by Vivian Kuan Poh Yee []

This thesis project is on the exploration of the slowly fading heritage of Bau town Sarawak. The project site, Bau is located at the Southern west of Kuching and well known for its rich mineral deposits and multicultural value in the suburban setting. It was the oldest and richest town in Sarawak then. The site started off as a gold mining town, established by the Hakka Chinese miners in the 1800s. The town slowly faded and becoming a ghost town after the decline of mining activities. Nevertheless, there is one significant element that remains till today, is the mining lake, Tasik Biru. It was the first mining field that has the highest gold ore production in the early 1800s. In present day, the mining pit has been filled up by rainwater and became a visitor attraction. Hence, the project focuses on the Tasik Biru, to reminisce and reactivate the heritage of the town. The selected site marks the end of the commercial axis and the beginning of the mining activities. It serves as the best location for the beginning of the journey and a gateway to the site. The site also acts as the linkage to tie back the past memories with the present. Meanwhile, the building acts as the catalyst to narrate the story of the town.