Training camp for Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad (APIO) at UTAR

There will be a training camp for the Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad  (APIO) at UTAR. This training is conducted by an external trainer for an elite group of high school students and focuses on learning how to write algorithmic code in order to prepare for the APIO (

Venue: UTAR (exact venue TBD)
Date: 10 – 12 May 2018
Time: 10am to 5pm.

5 seats are made available by the organizers for UTAR students to participate for learning purposes. This is a good venue to learn about how to write algorithms to solve various problems and challenges. This is very helpful to prepare for interviews at any big software company.

Although this training is for high school students, the material taught here is about 2-3 times more complex than what you study in UECS2413  PROBLEM SOLVING WITH DATA STRUCTURES AND ALGORITHMS. If you wish to attend, you should ideally have already taken this subject OR you are a proficient and adapt programmer.

If you are interested, please email Dr. Victor Tan at