Technical Talk from IEEE Council on RFID Malaysia Chapter: Localisation using RFID and Contactless Sensing

This event was conducted by Professor Qammer H. Abbasi, who is a reader in Electronics and Nanoscale Head, Communications Sensing and Imaging Group Deputy Theme Lead, Quantum & Nanotechnology, Advance Research Centre James Watt School of Engineering University of Glasgow to provide the localization technique using the RFID and contactless sensing among the electrical and electronic students. The talk will start with RFID and how it collaborates with the internet of things RFID has becoming promising technologies to revolutionize the field of tracking and identification. Since the last decade, RFID is rapidly used in identification, tracking, monitoring, and sensing applications and it is considered a good solution for all applications mentioned above. Passive UHF RFID Tags are the most promising candidates because of their long-read range, low-cost inkjet printable structures and thus favouring mass production for deployment at large scales. Some RFID tag designs and challenges will be presented in the talk. In the second part contactless sensing to provide remote healthcare solutions for vulnerable people by identifying particular movements such as falls, gait and breathing disorders will be presented. The length of this talk was around 60 minutes.