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The final year project (FYP) is one of the most important aspects of the undergraduate degree. It is the culmination of the undergraduate programme. It involves the application of knowledge gained through study, experience, and practice together with judgement so that the proposed approach is effective and efficient. It is perhaps, one of the primary mechanisms used at the undergraduate level to provide an opportunity to gain hands-on experience from what has been learned for the past few years. It is considered to be the first exposure to the full rigor of research and/or design-based engineering and/or scientific practices. Moreover, FYP enables students to learn not just to apply what they know, but to apply it with the ability to assess what is being done and what is critical of it. It also provides an opportunity for final year students to demonstrate their independence, originality, and ethics as well as to plan and organize a project over a particular duration. Besides, it helps in training a student to carry out engineering/scientific works that involve critical investigation, planning, executing the plan, recording and writing up the tasks involved, and finally analysing systematically the findings of the investigation.

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Learning Outcomes

The project is expected to be challenging and to attain the various course learning outcomes and the programme outcomes. It can be either one or a combination of experimentation, case studies, computer programming, modelling, simulation & analysis, product design, industrial application, etc. The area and scope of the project should be confined so that it is feasible and could be completed within the allocated time frame. It may also be related to industrial problems which enable the students to be exposed to a real-life environment. The projects can be undertaken individually or in small teams with distinctive titles over a duration of two consecutive long trimesters.

Activities Involved

Overall, the FYP helps to equip students with the skills and capabilities such as project management, problem-solving, and communication that are necessary to meet the demands of the industry/customers/society.

Project Presentation

Jan 2021 Online FYP Poster Competition

Jan 2022 Online FYP Poster Competition

External Competitions

IEEE EBS 2020 resize
5minFYP 2020

1st Runner-up of 5MFYP Competition 2020
(Category: Bachelor)

IEEE EDS - 2019 (1)

IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS) Malaysia Chapter Award of Excellence in Final
Year Project (FYP) in Micro and Nanoelectronics Devices, 2018/2019 Session


Six students from UTAR Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science won several awards at the IEEE Malaysia FYP Competition 2019

TanSri Ir Yusof Best FYP 2019

LKC FES Tan Jun-Yan won special prize at 3rd Tan Sri Ir Yusoff Best Engineering Final Year Project 2019

IEEE EPS Best Engineering Student Award 2019
IEEE EDS 2018-resize1
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Winners of Jan 2022 Online Poster Competitions

1b. T8-07 GOLD
1a. T2-03 GOLD
2c. T8-11 SILVER
2a. T8-04 SILVER
2b. T8-10 SILVER
1b. T8-07 GOLD
1a. T2-03 GOLD
2c. T8-11 SILVER
2a. T8-04 SILVER
2b. T8-10 SILVER
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