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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ’s – General

Q: How many credit hours am I allowed to register for long and short trimesters?


  • Normal status: Long trimester – 20 credit hours; short trimester – 10 credit hours.
  • Under probation: Long trimester – 12 credit hours; short trimester – 6 credit hours.

Q: If I need to take medical / sick leave, what should I do?

A: Student can get the Leave Application Form from FGO. The duly completed form needs to be submitted to FGO together with the supporting document(s).

Q: How do I apply for Leave of Absence (LOA) from my study? What is the maximum duration for Leave of Absence?

A: Student needs to complete and submit the Application for Leave of Absence Form, which can be downloaded from UTAR Student Portal, to FGO for processing. The maximum duration for Leave of Absence is 2 years.

Q: I have applied for programme transfer but I am yet to receive the decision of the programme transfer. Can I attend the programme which I have applied to be transferred while waiting for the outcome of my application?

A: Student is only allowed to commence study in the programme that he/she has applied for transfer, upon official notification from the University to the effect that the application for programme transfer is successful.

Q: Where do I renew my student ID?

A: Student is required to pay the stated amount at the Division of Finance, KB Building, UTAR.
After payment is made, he/she needs to bring the payment receipt to Software Development & Multimedia Services Centre (SODEMC) at the 10th Floor of KB Building, UTAR.

Q: I missed my pre-registration period. What should I do to register for the course (s)?

A: The system will be opened again during add/drop weeks (2 weeks) when the new trimester begins. Student may register via online as long as the seat is still available for the course(s) that he/she would like to register.

Q:   I have submitted add/drop form, but there is no change on my time table. What should I do?

A:   There will be two announcements for the result as follows:

  1. 1stannouncement on Friday of Week 1
  2. Final announcement on Thursday of Week 2

The application is not successful if there is no change after the final announcement. However, you may drop by    FGO, Level 8, KB Building, UTAR, to clarify if you have doubt on this.

Q: Does LKC FES have any social media?

A: LKC FES has a facebook page with the link as follows:—University/UTAR-LKC-FES-Page-1857972594246899/

Q: How do I give my feedback?

A:   Student can provide their feedback via

  • Academic Advisor
  • Online student survey
    • Long trimester (Week 8 – Week 12)
    • Short trimester (Week 4 – Week 6)