Reinstatement of Study (Termination of Study Due To Non-payment of Student Fees)

To: All LKC FES students

Reinstatement of Study (Termination of Study Due To Non-payment of Student Fees)

According to University Regulation II Programme Registration, Refund of Fees, Leave of Absence and Withdrawal From Studies ——àPart VI – Re-admission and Reinstatement (You may refer to the regulation via UTAR Portal, a sample of screenshot is in Appendix 1), a student who has been terminated by the University may apply for reinstatement.

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The application shall be in the prescribed form and submit to the Faculty General Office not later than one (1) week after the date of termination. It will NOT be considered by the Faculty if the application form is submitted after the deadline or incomplete.

Students are required to settle the stipulated fees within the WEEK after getting the approval for reinstatement, failing which the approval shall be deemed null and void.

The general criteria for reinstatement:

  1. there is still sufficient duration of study available for him to    complete of the programme;
  1. he could still meet the 80% (for undergraduate or foundation  study) or 70% (for postgraduate study) attendance requirements for all courses taken for the trimester/semester; and
  1. he has made payment of all the prescribed fees including arrears, penalty and administrative charges.

The following is the deadline for reinstatement application for students who are terminated from the University due to the non-payment of student fees (January 2019 Trimester):

Trimester Student’s Bill Due Date Duration/Timeline – Appeal for reinstatement
January Trimester Friday, Week 4 Monday, Week 7 to Friday, Week 825 February 2019 to 8 March 2019(for consideration of Dean)



Monday, Week 9 to Friday, Week 12

11 March 2019 to 5 April 2019

(for consideration of President)


Any successful appeal shall be subjected to payment of fees with late charges.


Any appeal after Friday, Week 12 (5 April 2019) WILL NOT be entertained.


All students concerned are advised to adhere to the above-mentioned deadlines for reinstatement application and payment of student bill for every trimesters.

Thank you.

Faculty General Office

Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science