Bachelor of Science (Honours) Applied Mathematics with Computing

use mathematics on the world

This programme shapes its students to be versatile and analytical problem-solvers using mathematical modelling coupled with computing dexterity. We offer subjects such as partial differential equations, ordinary differential equations, and statistics that introduce students to the immense ability of mathematical models in analyzing current events.

Moreover, due to the large datasets that a data analyst has to deal with, this programme also equips students with programming skills, simulation techniques, and computational problem-solving techniques. Motivated by the importance of training graduates in an interdisciplinary environment, this programme also offers modules in professional writing and presentation skills to enhance students’ communication of their ideas.

Programme Brief

  • 3 years
  • flexible structure
  • internship
  • research project
  • computing skills

Programme Educational Objectives | Courses | Structure | Admission requirements

Department of Mathematical & Actuarial Sciences

The Department of Mathematical and Actuarial Sciences of Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) commenced operation in January 2009 and has subsequently grown rapidly. The provision of state-of-the-art facilities and the pursue of a vigorous program of teaching, scholarship and research has made our department a dynamic place to study mathematical and actuarial sciences. Over the years, our department has provided excellent training and preparation for the 21st-century workplace.


We offer three undergraduate degrees and three postgraduate research degrees, which are Bachelor of Sciences (Honours) Actuarial Science, Bachelor of Sciences (Honours) Applied Mathematics with Computing, Bachelor of Science (Honours) Financial Mathematics, Master of Mathematics (coursework), Master of Mathematical Science and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). These degree programmes are approved for delivery by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education, and are accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

Our graduates are employed all over the country, in industries ranging from finance to data analysis to biomedical research, and has become a driving force in shaping culture, economy, law, government, and science, changing the way people view the world.


The Centre of Mathematical Sciences is a virtual research centre that is run by our department members along with researchers from other institutions and faculty members from UTAR Kampar. The centre is divided into smaller research groups, each with a more specific focus, in disciplines ranging from algebra to optimization to financial mathematics to data science. Regular activities are conducted to disseminate cutting edge knowledge, to encourage discussion and networking, and to spark and nurture research ideas. The centre also provides funding for students to attend conferences or seminars.

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Presently, our department members are composed of a Professor, 4 Associate Professors, 24 Assistant Professors, 10 Lecturers, 1 Tutor and 1 Graduate Assistant. The enthusiasm of our department members coupled with their professionalism and good work attitude has enabled us to offer some of the best degree programmes in the country.

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The fact that most of the undergraduates, even those not enrolled in our degree programmes, will take at least one course in mathematics and statistics during their time in UTAR highlights the emphasis we place on mathematics as an enabler in the pursue of knowledge. Wide selections of mathematical courses are taught to all types of users of Mathematics and Statistics. As a student here, you will join a welcoming academic and social community of diverse people from all over the country.

Our department is committed to achieve the highest standards of teaching and research. Each year, we attract outstanding and talented students to join our degree programmes and we are naturally very proud when, year after year, our students declare that they are highly satisfied with the quality of our degree programmes.

Our Strengths

Driven Faculty: UTAR’s BSc (Honours) Applied Mathematics with Computing courses are taught by driven faculty members who are focused are providing you with the best knowledge and skills.

IT Skills: A selection of computer courses equip you with the know-how to use modern data tools.

Student Support: Enjoy support and close interaction from friendly instructors, as well as various facilities such as computer labs, libraries, even financial aid.

Career Prospects: UTAR’s BSc (Honours) Applied Mathematics with Computing graduates can find jobs as analysts, IT developers, statisticians, production planners, cryptologists, QC/QA officers, market researches, data engineers, and even as educators.