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Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Honours) in UTAR is an EAC (Engineering Accreditation Council) accredited programme. This programme aims to equip students with strong foundation in the principles of engineering, focusing on the use of engineering knowledge in chemical related industries. It serves as a bridge to many different industries (petrochemical, food, biochemical, biotechnology, nanotechnology and pharmaceutical), where chemical engineering graduates are highly desirable.

Department of Chemical Engineering

Welcome on board to the Department of Chemical Engineering. We are accredited by Engineering Accreditation Council for the past 15 years. In the department, we have 30 experienced staff consisting of 1 Professor, 3 Associates Professor, 20 Assistants Professor, 3 Lecturers and 3 Specialist II.

Students of Chemical Engineering department are introduced to the current technologies used and the best practices of the industry at an early stage and will apply them in the form of assignments and projects. To ensure that the students are being exposed to the current practices and the latest industrial trends, field trips are organised as one of the annual department activities. Furthermore, seminars and talks by invited speakers from the relevant industry are also organised frequently.

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Current Students

Our Success Stories

Congratulations Assistant Professor Dr Pang Yean Ling from Department of Chemical Engineering for being listed in World Ranking of TOP 2% Scientists by Stanford University for 2019
Chemical Engineering students won a few categories while participating in National Chemical Engineering Symposium 2019 (NACES 2019)
Chemical Engineering students obtained 1st place in the competition and were crowned as Malaysia Champion in Schneider Electric Go Green: A Global Student Competition 2019

Career Prospect for Our Students

Chemical engineers are very much at the forefront to improve the quality of life. There are extensive opportunities in the designing of process equipment/plants, identifying chemical and physical properties of substances, researching new products and ensuring equipment/plant operates optimally. They work in a wide range of fields such as design and construction, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, food processing, petrochemicals, healthcare, specialty chemicals, electronic, advanced materials, microelectronics, biotechnology, environmental health and safety.

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Contact Person

Dr. Mah

Dr. Mah Shee Keat
Head of Department
Department of Chemical Engineering
Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering & Science

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