OTH Regensburg: Invitation for Expert/Industry Talks in English

We will cover a wide range of interesting topics from modern database technologies, digital transformation and AI from a business perspective, Amazon Web Services to Quantum Computing.

April 20th 1:45pm Central European Time


The SQL:2016 standard introduced a native JSON datatype and functions to build and query JSON data. In this talk, we take a look at different implementations of SQL/JSON in PostgreSQL, Oracle, and MariaDB. Some store JSON data as strings, some use a binary representation. PostgreSQL supports generalized inverted indexes (GIN) on JSON data, for the other DBMSs, we will learn some workarounds using expression indexes or virtual columns.


April 21st 5:00pm Central European Time

Digital/AI Transformation for Executives

This will be survey talk across topics such as Big Data, Digital/Social, Data Lake/Warehouse/BI, AI/ML/NLP.  These topics will be introduced in both a theoretical and applied fashion.  The emphasis will be on how emerging technologies can be deployed within the enterprise to to drive Digital/AI Transformation.



April 27th at 1:45pm Central European Time

An Introduction to Cloud with AWS. A hands-on overview of core services and architectural best practices for modern application design

An AWS Solutions Architect will introduce foundational concepts of cloud computing and build up an understanding of modern cloud native application design and architectural best practices.



May 3rd at 5:00pm Central European Time

Approximate approximation on a quantum annealer

In this talk, we explore how problems’ approximate versions of varying degree can be systematically constructed for quantum annealer programs, and how this influences result quality or the handling of larger problem instances on a given set of qubits. We illustrate various approximation techniques on both, simulations and real QA hardware, on different seminal problems, and interpret the results to contribute towards a better understanding of the real-world power and limitations of current-state and future quantum computing.



Prof. Dr. Markus Westner
Associate Dean of Student Affairs Faculty Computer Science & Mathematics
International Coordinator Faculty Computer Science & Mathematics
OTH Regensburg
Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg
Prüfeninger Straße 58
93049 Regensburg