Online Course Verification Exercise For May 2016 Trimester


Online Course Verification Exercise For May 2016 Trimester

Please be informed that there will be an online course verification exercise for May 2016 Trimester from

27 June 2016 (Monday) to 8 July 2016 (Friday)

Students are required to check and verify the course(s) registered for May 2016 Trimester through Student Intranet within the stipulated deadline.

Please click on the “VERIFY” button after checking the course(s) registered and if there is no discrepancy in the course(s) registered.

In the case that there is/are discrepancies in the course(s) registered on the system, students are required to enter the discrepancies in the text-box provided and click on the “PENDING” button. Faculty General Office will check on the discrepancies after the verification exercise.

According to Rule IV —à Clause (5) (3A) —- >

Where a candidate registers more elective courses than required in the same elective group, the candidate shall declare which existing elective course to be replaced to fulfill the requirement of that elective group before the end of add/drop period. Failing to do so, the most recent grade obtained from the required number of courses shall be taken into the calculation of GPA and CGPA.

Hence, students must DECLARE current elective courses that are to replace the previous elective courses of their choice.

Please take note that it is the responsibility of the students to verify the course(s) registered on the system. If there is no action from the students after the stipulated deadline, the course(s) registered will be deemed as FINAL and CORRECT.

This course verification exercise is only for students who have paid the student bill. Students who have not paid their fees are considered withdrawn.

Thank you.

Faculty General Office
Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science