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Country Garden holdings is a real estate developer which comes from China. Its main business covering construction, property management, hotel development and management, education and other sections. Currently, Country Garden Group operates more than 1000 projects and served 3 million proprietors, offers great-value and high-quality living not only in China, but also in Malaysia, Australia and other overseas markets. “Country Garden, give you a “5 star home living” that recognised worldwide. Until September 2017. Country Garden Group achieved contracted sales of approximately RM 267.25 billion, contract sales area of ​​about 4732 million square meters, ranking China top one real estate companies, Country Garden has entered the Fortune 500 and Forbes global listed company 300.

Country garden super future force program is a project set up to attract talents,it is a talent recruitment and development project customized for excellent graduates. Excellent graduates recruited in this program are the main force of country garden future development. After many years development,Country garden super future force program has become a famous talent development program that approved by the national registered trademark certification in the year 2014. Aiming to train qualified talents who can meet the need of the company’s development, this program will integrate various training methods like intensified training, mentor program, rotation system and on the job training into every personal training program and targeting outstanding future force to becomes director level in time 5-6 years.

Country Garden will provide you with good career development and competitive compensation and benefits! Official


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