Graduate Employability Management Scheme (GEMS 2.0): PV Technologist

From education to the workplace: a global challenge

How should students be prepared for the working world? Two paradigm shifts affecting institutions of higher learning are taking place. One involves the world of work, the other the world of learning.

Employers these days prefer to hire graduates who have the skills to excel in the 21st century. Professional knowledge and competence alone are not enough. There is also a demand for soft skills such as the ability to communicate effectively and work seamlessly across global, multicultural Teams.

What can we do to bridge the gap between what employers want and what the graduates can do?

Graduate Employability Management Scheme (GEMS 2.0)?

The main thrust of GEMS is to train, expose and prepare graduates for future career opportunities with the intention to contribute to the economy by reducing the talent shortages in key economic sectors.

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