FAQs on Academic Studies in October 2020 Trimester

Q: I have chosen the physical mode of study during course pre-registration, will there be any physical classes as scheduled?

A: As of now, for students who have chosen physical classes (tutorial / practical / laboratory sessions) and OTL lecture classes, please note that all physical classes shall be conducted in OTL mode from 5 October 2020 onwards until further notice. This will depend on the latest COVID-19 situation and instructions from MOHE.

As for postgraduate students (research mode) and undergraduate students conducting their Final Year Projects (FYP) and R&D activities under the Undergraduate Research Scheme (URS), you can continue your planned activities in campus following the SOP. Please check with your faculty on this.

For students who have physically returned to campus, you may use the campus facilities and make an appointment to meet your academic advisors, lecturers, tutors, supervisors and instructors but you must adhere to the SOP.

For students who wish to change from the physical mode to OTL mode for the entire October 2020 Trimester, or have any enquiries with regards to the class arrangements of the registered courses, please contact your respective faculty/institute/centre general office.

Q: I have chosen the OTL (Online Teaching and Learning) mode of study during course pre-registration, will all OTL classes continue as scheduled?

A: Yes, for foundation and postgraduate programmes where the October 2020 Trimester  commenced on 28 September 2020 and all OTL classes (lecture / tutorial / practical / laboratory sessions) have started, OTL classes shall continue as scheduled.

For all undergraduate and postgraduate programmes (coursework / mixed mode) starting from 26 October 2020, all OTL classes (lecture / tutorial / practical / laboratory sessions) shall continue as scheduled.

Q: I am a newly enrolled undergraduate/postgraduate student and I have planned to attend on-campus orientation in October 2020. Do I have to attend the undergraduate or postgraduate orientation physically?

A: The on-campus Orientation, previously scheduled for commencement on 18 October 2020, for new students of all undergraduate and postgraduate programmes for the October 2020 Intake, will now be conducted online. The e-Orientation website is available for access by students from 21 September 2020 onwards at https://e-orientation.utar.edu.my/.

For any enquiries with regards to the arrangement of the e-Orientation, please contact the general offices of your respective Faculty / Institute / CFS.

Q: I am a newly enrolled student in the October 2020 Trimester, how do I join the Online Teaching and Learning (OTL) classes?

A: For new students joining the OTL classes including lectures, tutorials and practical sessions for the first time, please login to UTAR Web-Based Learning Environment (WBLE) https://wble.utar.edu.my/ to get the necessary course information, e.g. course materials, class schedules and the Microsoft Teams Codes assigned for each course. Please contact the respective Faculty / Institute / Centre general office for further information or enquiry. 

Q: I am a new student. How should I submit my documents such as Health Examination Report, Declaration Form and Refund Policy to the University?

A: You may go to the Division of Admissions and Credit Evaluation (DACE) or email dace@utar.edu.my for an appointment for the submission of your documents. Please follow the SOP at all times when on campus.

Q: I am currently doing or planning to do my Clinical Training / Industrial Training in the October 2020 Trimester, what should I do?

A: Students who are undergoing or planning to do clinical training / industrial trainings can continue the activities as planned and must follow the SOP strictly. For students who wish to defer their clinical training / industrial training to later trimesters, please contact the general offices of your respective Faculty / Institute for subsequent arrangements accordingly.

Q: Will MUET test be conducted physically as scheduled, conducted online, postponed or cancelled in the October 2020 Trimester?

A: As of today, 7 October 2020, the MUET Examination scheduled on 31 October 2020 will be conducted as planned. DEAS will make announcements and inform all relevant students soonest if there are any changes to the MUET Examination date or Examination arrangements.

Q: What about the current on-going Final Assessment for May 2020 Trimester?

A: All undergraduate programmes and postgraduate programmes final assessments (i.e. time-restricted open-ended assessments and online examinations) will continue to be implemented via online mode (synchronous / asynchronous mode) as scheduled.

Q: Am I allowed to enter the University campuses after the recent MOHE announcement?

A: Yes, students who are already back on campus can enter the University campuses via the main entry points by following all the health and safety precautionary measures and the SOP of which the detailed information can be accessed via https://dccpr.utar.edu.my/COVID-19-News-Announcements.php.

However, individuals with a body temperature of 37.5°C and above will be denied entry at the main entry points of UTAR campuses. In consideration of physical distancing and safety precautionary measures, you must:

  1. Wear a face mask at all times;
  2. Check in using the MySejahtera App;
  3. Follow body temperature screening procedure using the static standing thermal scanner or the hand-held scanner;
  4. Sanitise hands frequently;
  5. Follow physical distancing of no less than one metre apart.

After checking in through the campus main entrances, students are also required to check in using the hi-hive App by scanning the LOCATION QR Code at the destination location within the campus compound. The LOCATION QR Code is placed at (inside or outside) the destination location, for example, faculty general offices, laboratories, library, workshops, lecture halls, lecture rooms, tutorial rooms, learning space and staff rooms. Please refer to the video guide on Guidelines of Registering the hi-hive App by login using your UTAR email account:


Students who cannot access the hi-hive App due to smart phone settings or internet connectivity must manually record their attendance in a log book at the respective destination locations.

Q: If I return to campus, will the University provide free WiFi for OTL purposes?

A: UTAR provides free campus WiFi at designated locations, such as the Learning Space venues or computer laboratories on a first-come-first-served basis.

Q: Can students use the campus facilities, such as the library for revision and their studies?

A: Yes, students can use the campus facilities for academic purposes. You can also make an appointment to meet your academic advisors, lecturers, tutors, supervisors and instructors but students must adhere to the SOP at all times while on campus.

Q: Can students use the learning space and classrooms for student activities? 

A: Individual students may use the learning space for self-study. However, student activities that normally involve large groups of students and outsiders such as clubs and societies, sports activities, events and community services are currently still prohibited. This is to avoid crowding and violation of physical distancing as per the MOHE announcement.

To comply with the MOHE requirements, students can opt to organise their club and society activities online via virtual showcase, platform and sharing. Please contact the Department of Student Affairs or email dsa@utar.edu.my for an appointment to get advice pertaining to virtual student activities, conferencing tools and other arrangements.   

Q: I am an international student, whom should I contact for advice and guidance?

A: International students please contact the Department of International Student Services (DISS) via email diss@utar.edu.my for advice on academic study, traveling and student visa.

Q: I am seeking counselling services, whom should I call?

A: The Counselling and Guidance Unit, Department of Student Affairs has created the following links for all UTAR staff and students to reach out for Counselling and Guidance support or refer those who need counselling services:

  1. https://utar.edu.my/Counselling-and–Guidance-Unit.php (For staff, students and the public)
  2. http://portal.utar.edu.my (For staff and students only)