Entrepreneurship & Innovation Conference 2018

The Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) Selangor Branch in collaboration with Management & Science University (MSU) and Selangor State Government will be organising the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Conference 2018 with the theme “Next Gen Entrepreneurs – Navigating The Future”.

FMM would gather speakers from established organisations in a concerted effort to enlighten participants of the Conference on cultivating and promoting the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in Selangor.

The Conference will also feature a number of distinguished entrepreneurs and panellists who will share their success stories for the interest of the participants such as on how to start business, the challenges faced, how to overcome crisis, good advices for future entrepreneurs etc. It is an ideal event for participants to get in-depth expose to the latest updates and current trends in the market demand.

– To provide university students and young entrepreneur the opportunity to get up close with successful entrepreneurs and to hear about their path to success

– To inspire young generation to push ahead with their inspiration while being guided by advice and experience of industry experts and successful entrepreneurs.

Benefits: –Face-to-face connection with like-minded individuals

-Networking and connect with successful entrepreneurs

-Stay up-to-date with the latest & current trends in the market demand

-Be inspired and motivated

Come and join us at the FMM Selangor-MSU Entrepreneurship & Innovation Conference 2018 as we listen to industry experts and share their insights and experiences on interesting and trending topics in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Cyber Security, Industry 4.0, Big Data, IoT and many more!
Participation is Free-of-Charge!!! To register for this Conference, CLICK HEREĀ  http://www.msu.edu.my/events/fmm/ to RSVP your attendance. Please RSVP before April 20, 2018 (Friday).