DS Home Coming Night 2022

DS Home Coming Night 2022 was an event that to congratulate and maintain the connection with the DS fresh graduates, to promote knowledge and experience sharing between industry, lecturers, alumni and fresh graduates and to encourage interaction between fresh graduates and the university.
Throughout this event, participants will have a better understanding of quantity surveyors’ perspective. In addition, more career, construction world, quantity surveying enhances knowledge from the experiences shared by the speakers. Organizing members had run 2 rehearsals on 07 April 2022, at 2.00 pm and 09 April 2022 at 11.00 am to minimize the unforeseen situation and make sure the talk could be conducted smoothly. On 09 April 2022, the event started at 8:00 pm to allow participants and the speakers to join in and prepare for the event. At 8:00pm, the emcee began to introduce the event, instruct some rules or reminders for the event and briefly introduce each speaker. Then, the speaker began to give the talk regarding their topics. After the speakers sharing the group photo session was conducted before the talk ended. The talk ended at 10:00 pm.

The information that the speakers shared was beneficial for undergraduate quantity surveying students, fresh graduates, and even lecturers. The participants can gain a lot of knowledge and get to know the valuable experiences that the speakers shared. This virtual event was a success. The participants were able to clarify their enquiries and gain knowledge from the speaker’s sharing. The speakers have given a lot of useful information based on their insight, knowledge, and working experience. The talk ended at 10:00 pm with a group photo session and launched and sharing the DS Hospital Fund Raising poster.