CodeVita Season 9 – Code | Build | Compete

Codevita is not just a game, it’s Culture! It connects people from varied backgrounds and ethnicities regardless of physical and cultural boundaries. It is also a great way to compete beyond borders and a lot of fun.

At TCS, we firmly believe in this philosophy that programming can be both fun and challenging, this led to the inception of “CodeVita – To Promote Programming as a Sport”. This is the 9th season of the contest taking the joy of programming across the globe.

What’s in it for students?

  • Global Ranking to Top Coders
  • Top 3 Coders to win total prize money of US$20,000/-
  • A chance to explore exciting career with one of the world’s most powerful brand*
  • A chance to compete with some of The Best Coders in the world
  • A Platform to showcase your programming skills

Link for registration :