4 International Master/Doctor Programs are open in Fall 2021-from NPTU, Taiwan

Nominations and applications for the following four programs (Fall 2021) are now open,

1.     International PhD Program of Applied Science of College of Science(IPPAS)

IPPAS is designed to cultivate outstanding researchers and professionals. Research areas include:
– Quantum Technology, Electro-optics Thin Films and Nano Materials
– Biocompatible Materials, Structural Chemistry and Green Chemistry
– Science Communication and Education
– Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Analysis

2.     International Master Program of Applied Science of College of Science(IMPAS)

IMPAS’s research focuses include the measurements of optical-electronics properties of materials and optical devices, qualitative and quantitative analysis of materials and rock samples, thin film technology, DNA recombination technology, microbial fermentation engineering, protein purification, identification of biological enzyme activity, computational mathematics, and statistics.

3.     International Master Program of STEM Education(IMPSE)

IMPSE much emphasis on theory and practice, including STEM content knowledge, STEM in education, research methodology, and etc…

4.     International Master Program of Information Technology and Applications(IMPITA)

IMPITA research focuses include:
-Information technology courses: Overall Picture of the Applied Fields for AI and IOT including AI, IOT, Intelligent Robot, and Cloud Computing.
-Mobile application courses: Overall Picture of the Applied Fields for Mobile APP and VR/AR including Mobile APP, VR/AR, Big Data, and multi-media.

Important dates:
– Application deadline: from now –March 31, 2021 (Applications received after January 15 may not be considered for all scholarship programs and will be considered only if funds remain)
– Admission Decisions Release: April 30th 2021
– Admission Confirmation: Before May 31th 2021
– Registration: Early of September 2021

Visa applications for international students who seek their degrees in Taiwan are processed as normal. We hope your students who are interested in the above programs seize the opportunity and benefit from it. Please forward this information to your students and find the detailed information in the attached files. Do not hesitate to contact my colleague Ms. Belinda Lin (belinda168@mail.nptu.edu.tw) or me if any assistance is needed.

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