Student Affairs

Please ensure that you are aware of the announcements by FGO &  latest announcements regarding your course of studies.

Please check the standard operating procedures (SOP) if you wish to undertake the following:

  • applying for leave of absence
  • withdrawal of course
  • appeal to unbar
  • credit transfer
  • programme transfer

You can refer to the FAQ for common academic issues, and remember to follow up with your assigned Academic Advisor at least once a trimester to facilitate your academic endeavors at the university

A variety of loans / scholarships are available at any time for students from a variety of courses. You can follow up with DEAS for more info on internal and external financial aid available for students

If you are graduating soon, you may be interested to see the latest list of job advertisements for fresh graduates from LKC FES. For UTAR graduates/alumni, you may access (using 1utar account) the online job vacancies compiled by the Faculty at:

UTAR students have had commendable achievements and placings in variety of competitions, conferences and events both nationally and internationally. You can browse the latest list of competitions if you are interested in participating

Do ensure that you are acquainted with the latest deadlines, events, rules and regulations pertaining to your Final Year Project

You will be required to complete industrial training for 3 months (or 6 months for the case of QS).

Outcome based education (OBE) is the primary educational paradigm employed at UTAR in accordance with requirements from MQF, MEB, EAC and BEM. Please ensure that you are thoroughly acquainted with its principles, framework and execution.

Student Exchange Programmes (SEP)  provide global networking opportunities for students to experience overseas student life, pursue high quality academic programmes, pick up a new language, experience new cultures and gain global network. UTAR students may choose to join partner institutions for a semester or up to one academic year from a list of more than 26 partner economies for the academic exchange or overseas internship.

E-Log Card Point

For Engineering students, you may check your e-Log Card Records here.

Guideline for e-Log Card Points

UTAR CARE Programme     

Reference:       Student – UTAR CARE                  Organiser- UTAR CARE


SDC & ERC (for LKC FES Staff and Students):

Application Form to Organise an Event (LKCFES-SDC-002)

Additional Form for Event Involved Students (LKCFES-SDC-003)

Online Event Guideline (LKCFES)

Guideline for non-SDC Event (External Related Event)

Definition of Virtual Programme (Inbound/Outbound)

Event Recording Form (LKCFES)

5th Floor Concourse Area Booking Record

Other SDC & ERC Forms

Year 2021 – LKC FES List of Student Chapter Advisers

Year 2021 – Student Development Committee (SDC)

Year 2021 – External Relation Committee (ERC)

 For Office Use only (LKC FES):
 Virtual Zdrive for SDC & ERC 
 LKC FES Collaboration Reporting
 SDC ERC Reporting

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