Lab Latest Announcement – Covid-19

New Announcement !!!

Only critical R&D projects and activities are allowed to be conducted in the faculty laboratories subjected to the approval from faculty. For research that involves postgraduate students, the supervisors/principal investigators (staff) shall apply on behalf of your student(s).

Lab Access During and Post Movement Control Order (MCO) Covid-19

Please adhere to the latest University’s SOP for campus Access during and post Movement Control Order (MCO) Covid-19 (28 September 2020):

After entry through the controlled entry point, all staff/students are required to check-in using the hi-hive App by scanning hi-hive Location QR Code at their destination locations within the campus. The Location of QR Code is placed at the entry to every destination location, such as the faculty general office, laboratory, library, workshop, lecture hall, lecture room, tutorial room, learning space and staff room.  Manual log book sign in is also available as an alternative to digital sign in.

Please disinfect your workspace and equipment used after conducted your experiment. Wash your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer before and after your activities.

For more information related to Covid-19 announcement by University, please go to:

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