Department of Laboratory Management and Safety Administration

LKC FES-DLMSA is responsible in coordinating the management, safety and security operations within the laboratories. LMSA ensures the laboratory equipment and environment are well maintained to meet the academic programme accreditation criteria. We, too, help for software renewal and computer’s operating systems upgrade which placed in laboratories.

LKC FES-DLMSA in-charge of 56 laboratories which distributed at level SB, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. The laboratories mainly provide support for Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Department of Mechatronics and Biomedical Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Material Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Architecture & Sustainable Design, Department of Internet Engineering & Computer Science, Department of Mathematical & Actuarial Sciences, Department of Surveying and Teaching Computer labs.

LKC FES-DLMSA laboratories are well-equipped with wide-range of laboratory facilities and equipment. Besides educational practices, our well-trained team also involves in supporting final year projects, assignments, competitions and postgraduate researches. Both undergraduate and graduate students are able to access and gain interactive hands-on experience during practical classes and research projects. Our laboratories are good platforms for the students to sharpen their skills before being introduced to the working environment.


Ts Dr King Yeong Jin
Head of Department
Department of Laboratory Management and Safety Administration
Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering & Science
Email :

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