Department of Architecture & Sustainable Design


The Department of Architecture & Sustainable Design (DASD) was formally set up in January 2013. Previously it was a programme parked under the Department of Built Environment before it was dissolved in December 2012. As the name suggests, the department strives to develop architecture curriculums that contributes to the betterment of built environment by emphasizing sustainable thinking and design.

While running the current full-time B, Sc. (Hon.) Architecture degree, the department is embarking on developing a Masters of Architecture programme leading to LAM Part II which will be implemented soon. Our academic staffs consist of qualified professional architects, specialists, as well as academic researchers, all with a minimum of 5 years industry experience and overseas exposures. The department encourages learning-by-doing and employs a student-centred learning culture. Students and staffs actively participate in local and regional design competitions, conferences and other events. Frequent local and overseas architecture visitations are organized so that our students are exposed to diverse cultures and contexts, which will contribute to the quality of their design. Through a well-rounded and balanced approach, the department hopes to provide quality architecture education that satisfies the industry needs, as well as contributing towards sustainable challenges of humanity and environment.

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