During IT


GD001: Roles & Responsibilities of IT Student (for student guideline)
GD003: Flowchart of IT (for student guideline  ⇓)

Download (PDF, 29KB)

IT Plan Samples:  3E, ET, EC, PH, CI, CL, BI, MH, ME, MM, AM, FM, ASAR, SE, QS

UTAR Lib Harvard Style Referencing
*ALL E-Forms & Links MUST access using 1UTAR email!!! – use New incognito window (Ctrl+Shift+N) if facing access issue.
(except Student Appraisal & Survey from Company)
#Hardcopy verification is required for Student Appraisal & Survey from Company
You may install and use any of the “cam scanner apps” to scan your ITP documentations using mobile phone.

Industrial Training Checklist for LKC FES Student

Download (PDF, 182KB)

Check the registered Internship status & Submission there.    
(MUST access using UTAR email)- use computer to key in your ID in the google sheet.

Rules and Guidelines During Industrial Training (please refer to the LKC FES IT Handbook for more details).

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