Frequently Asked Questions

(Before Conducting IT)

Q1. What I should do if I wish to go for IT next trimester?

  • Check the Faculty website on industrial training
  • Follow all the SOP
  • Attend the departmental IT briefing during the first two weeks as the attendance is compulsory
  • Submit the pre-registration form by Friday of Week 3

Q2. What if I have class/unable/missed the IT briefing?

  • Inform the IT Coordinator ASAP
  • Check the Faculty website on industrial training
  • Follow all the SOP (It is student responsible to make sure he/she adhere all the rules & regulations and SOP of industrial training)
  • Read thoroughly the IT briefing slides that will be uploaded in website
  • Ask IT Coordinator if have any doubts

Q3. What if I did not/forgot/unable to submit the Pre-registration form by Friday of Week 3?

  • You are not allowed to conduct the placement
  • You have to postpone the IT to next year. This might defer your graduation.
  • If the student conducts the placement without noticing the Faculty (pre-registration), the placement is considered invalid.
  • Any complain from company will be considered as breach of university rules & regulation.

Q4. How I know I am qualify or not for IT?

  • Check the syllabus of IT. All requirements are stated clearly in the syllabus of IT.
  • General rules:
    • CGPA ≥ 2.0
    • GPA ≥ 2.0
    • Earned certain minimum credit hours

Q5. I plan to undergo IT next trimester but I am under probation this trimester. I am confident that I will fulfilled all the requirements by early of next trimester.

  • You are not allowed to undergo IT as all requirements must be fulfilled in the pre-trimester.

Q6. Can I conduct my industrial training in the final trimester?

  • It is university policy and Engineering Accreditation Council (for engineering students) that the industrial training must be conducted before the final trimester.
  • You might have to defer your graduation.

Q7. How I know the company is relevant to my programme?

  • You may refer to the previous company list given in the website.
  • Seek for assistant from IT Coordinator if you are not sure.
  • You must work as a full-time intern in the company.

Q8. What are those jobs that are suitable for industrial training?

  • Your assigned tasks should be directly or indirectly related to your programme.
  • Your assigned tasks should cover all the course outcomes.

Q9. How I want to conduct IT placement?

  • Refer to the policy “Placement SOP” given in the website
  • Refer to the “Pre-registration” given in the website

Q10. Can I apply for many companies at a same time?

  • You may contact the company to enquire available internship vacancy before applying.
  • BUT, you are not encourage to submit many applications at a same time as any complain from company might be considered as breach of university rules & regulation as stated clearly in the policy “Placement SOP”.

Q11. Can I reject Company internship offer?

  • It is not encourage.
  • If you have strong justifications, you may reject the Company in a polite way.
  • Any complain from company might be considered as breach of university rules & regulation as stated clearly in the policy “Placement SOP”, disciplinary action will be taken against the student.

Q12. What if I cannot secure any placement after the deadline?

  • Please seek for assistance from IT Coordinator at least three (3) working days before the deadline.
  • If still unable to secure any placement, you have to postpone the IT to next year. This might defer your graduation.

Q13. What if I did not receive reply from company by the deadline?

  • Please do not do the placement in the last minute.
  • The company needs time to consider your application
  • Always follow up closely with the Company throughout the placement.
  • Inform the IT Coordinator if facing any difficulties.

Q14. What if Company rejects my application in the last minute and I do not have any backup plan?

  • Plan early and do not conduct placement in the last minute.
  • Seek for assistance from IT Coordinator at least three (3) working days before the deadline. IT Coordinator will try his/her best to assign a placement for you (within Malaysia) regardless of location and allowance. If you do not agree with the assignment, you have to postpone the IT to next year. This might defer your graduation.

Q15. When are the deadlines for submitting all the required forms?

  • Please refer to the Faculty IT website.
  • All the deadlines are stated clearly there.

Q16. Who should I submit the required forms to?

  • Submit all the required forms to the IT Coordinator.


(During Conducting IT)

Q17. What if I am under probation during the industrial training trimester?

  • As long as you fulfill all the requirements in the pre-trimester, you are allowed to undergo IT in the industrial training trimester.

Q18. Why I need to pay the tuition fees during the Industrial Training even though I am not residing in the campus?

  • Due to the nature of industrial training, students are attached to a relevant company.
  • During the internship period, you are considered as an active student of university with close monitoring from Faculty while taking the industrial training course.
  • The hiring of interns is based on the fact that the intern is a student from a university.
  • All the IT assessments (e.g. industrial-university liaising, IT visiting, report grading, oral presentation grading, administration works, etc.) are conducted by Faculty staffs and endorsed by Senate for grade awarding.

Q19. What if I want to apply leave during conducting IT?

  • As stated clearly in the rules & regulation, IT students do not have annual leave.
  • You are only entitled for emergency leave.
  • All leaves must be approved by Company and the IT Coordinator must be informed.

Q20. What if I need to attend university/family/religion/personal related activities that require me to apply more than the leave as stated in rules & regulation?

  • As attendance is one of the compulsory requirements during conducting IT, priority should give to the IT.
  • You may fail your industrial training if there are any complaints from company or violations of university rules & regulations.
  • Students should follow their course structure and shall not plan other activities that may affect their industrial training.

Q21. During conducting the IT, what if I found that the assigned job scopes are not related to my programme?

  • You must discuss nicely with the company supervisor during first two weeks about your IT plan.
  • You must explain to the company supervisor that you must achieve all course outcomes listed in syllabus to pass the course.
  • You must report to IT Coordinator if agreement between the company supervisor and you on IT plan cannot be reached.

Q22. What should I do if company is abusing me as an intern?

  • You shall check the agreed IT plan and make sure the assigned job tasks are relevant to IT plan.
  • You shall discuss with company nicely regarding the disagreed job task.
  • You must inform IT Coordinator immediately such that the investigation can be conducted in a proper way.

Q23. What if accident happened during conducting IT?

  • Immediately seek for medical treatment.
  • You must inform IT Coordinator immediately or within 24 hours such that the proper following up actions can be taken.

Q24. Can I start/end my IT early/late?

  • Please follow strictly the date approved by Faculty, which is stated in the offer letter and letter of undertaking & indemnity.
  • Any shortening of internship period might be considered as incompletion of IT.
  • Any extension of internship period will not be considered as part of IT and students should bear the full responsibility by himself/herself during the extension of internship period.

Q25. What should I do before/during the IT visit?

  • Please refer to the procedure on the IT website.

Q26. When and how should I prepare the IT report?

  • You should prepare the report during the IT as you might miss out some of the important information after the IT. Do not do it last minutes.
  • Please follow the guidelines and template of IT report.

Q27. When and who I have to submit my IT report?

  • You have to submit the IT report online through the link provided in website.

Q28. When is the IT oral presentation?

  • Tentatively 1 week before the new trimester. The schedule will be available on website 2 weeks before the presentation.

Q29. What should I present during IT oral presentation?

  • It is 10 minutes of presentation and 5 minutes of Q&A. You should cover the background introduction, working experience, discussions and conclusions. Please refer to marking scheme for more details.

Q30. What if I unable to attend the scheduled IT oral presentation slot?

  • Please rearrange a suitable time with the examiner ASAP. The time slot should not later than week 1 Monday of the new trimester.

Please email your IT Coordinator or ITC chairman if you have further enquiries.

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