FYP Information for Department of Surveying

  • For registered students (UEBQ4923/UEBQ4926 Project), please refer to wble for latest announcement.
  • Students are advised to visit this site and wble regularly for updates.

Important Dates:

  • Registration of Supervisor: Every January trimester, Friday Week 13 (before 12.00 noon)
  • Submission of Title Registration Form: Friday Week 1 (before 12.00 noon) (For FYP1 starting in May 2019 onwards)
  • Submission of Project Part I1: Monday Week 11(before 12.00 noon)
  • Collection of Commented/Marked Project Part I2 (From supervisor):  Friday Week 12(after 12.00 noon)
  • Return of Commented Project Part I2: Monday Week 15 (before 12.00 noon)
  • Submission of Poster (Project Part II)3: Friday Week 11 (before 12.00 noon)
  • Submission of Project Part II4: Thursday Week 13 (before 12.00 noon)
  • Oral Presentation 5: Week 13/14
  • Return of Commented Project Part II6: Monday Week 16 (after 12.00 noon)
  • Submission of Corrected Final Report & Summary of Posters (FYP 2 only)7: Monday Week 17 (before 12.00 noon)
  • Submission of ‘FYP Log Book’8: Friday of Week 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and Week 12 (before 12.00 noon)

***If the due date falls on Public Holiday/University’s off day, it will be extended to the next working day***

1&4Project Part I & II:

  1. Upload softcopy report (front cover with name and title of project, abstract and all the chapters only) to Turnitin
  2. Print and submit Turnitin Originality Report – Sample(attached loosely with report, do not bind)
  3. Get the supervisor’s signature on Supervisor’s Comments on Originality Report Generated by Turnitin

1Project Part I:

  1. Submit 1 hardcopy (comb-binding, can be printed double sided with permission from supervisor) + Turnitin Report + Supervisor’s Comments on Originality Report Generated by Turnitin to laboratory

2Project Part I:

  1. Students to collect the commented/marked FYP 1 report from supervisor after Week 12 for correction, the commented FYP 1 report (the comb-binding report with supervisor’s comment within) shall be returned to laboratory.

3Poster (For Project Part II):

  1. Submit hardcopy (to supervisor) : FYP Poster Submission Form + A4 size of poster
  2. Email to supervisor: Poster in ppt, pdf, and jpeg file.
    • Jpeg file: not bigger than 3500 x 2500 pixels, file size not bigger than 1700 KB.
    • Pls name the file using full name of student, e.g. same name, ‘Tan Lee Ying’ for all files, Tan Lee Ying.pdf, Tan Lee Ying.ppt, Tan Lee Ying.jpeg.
  3. More information: Click Here .

4Project Part II:

  1. Submit 2 sets of hardcopies (comb-binding, can be printed double sided with permission from supervisor and moderator) to laboratory and email the softcopy (pdf ) to supervisor.
  2. 1 set for supervisor, 1 set for moderator (Insert Turnitin Report + Supervisor’s Comments on Originality Report Generated by Turnitin for the report to moderator). 

5Oral Presentation:

  1. Schedule to be announced in wble of UEBQ4923 Project
  2. Students to submit hardcopy of FYP presentation slides during presentation: 2 copies, 1 for supervisor, 1 for moderator.

6Return of Commented Project Part II:

  1. From Supervisor (Pls ensure that the final report is corrected according to the comments given by both supervisor and moderator inside this commented report)

7Corrected Final Report Submission:

  1. Upload the revised softcopy report (front cover with name and title of project, abstract and all the chapters only) to Turnitin.
  2. Submit the followings to laboratory:
    • Completed Summary of Posters
    • Only the first page of Turnitin Originality Report – Sample (to be attached together with the final submission, not bind)
    • 1 copy of corrected soft-bound hardcopy with beige cover.
    • CD : 1 FYP Report in PDF format and 1 zipped folder that contains the TURNITIN originality report, Supervisor’s Comments on Originality Report and appendices (if applicable)  (NEW)
    • Permission Sheet(to be stapler together and attached together with the final submission, not bind)
    • Lab (FYP) Declaration Form (for students doing lab works)
    • Supervisor’s Comments on Originality Report Generated by Turnitin
    • 2 copies of commented/marked FYP2 Reports submitted in Week 12 (comb-binding with supervisor’s and moderator’s comment within) – students to get this marked copies from both supervisor and moderator in week 16 from lab.

8FYP Log Book:

  1. In Week 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and Week 12, student to print and fill ‘FYP Log Book’ for supervisor’s comment + signature.  Students to keep the signed form.
  2. The form to be submitted to supervisor after week 12.
  3.  Download the Log Book: FYP Log Book ( (Sample of FYP Log book))

Penalty for Late Submission:

Submission of Project Part I /Project Part II /Submission of Commented Project Part I /Commented Project Part II and Corrected Soft-bound Final Report :

  • Within 4 days after the deadline (including public holidays) – five (5) marks will be deducted from the final marks.
  • After 4 days from the deadline (including public holidays) – student will be considered to have failed and will be given “F” grade. The student will have to repeat the unit.

Failure to submit the FYP report and/or attend the oral presentation:

  • A student who does not submit the Report for Project Part I will be considered to have failed and will be given “F” grade. The student will have to repeat the unit (starting from Part I).
  • A student who does not submit the Final Report (comb-bound) or or does not submit Poster or does not attend the oral presentation during Project Part II will be considered to have failed and will be given “F” grade. The student will have to repeat the unit (starting from Part I).

Submission Venue:

  1. Kindly submit the above document to Encik Muhamad Hanis bin Sharuddin (computer lab located at KB607).
  2. DO NOT submit to FYP supervisor/moderator.
  3. Kindly sign ‘FYP Acknowledgement Slip’ and ‘submission collection report’ upon submission (both to be prepared by laboratory).
  4. FYP reports with Turnitin similarity percentage >20% would not be accepted.  If the percentage of similarity is >20%, students should make the necessary changes before the submission.


  • Please ensure that your supervisor approved your corrected draft before you send the Final Report for permanent binding.
  • The CD content: 1 Report file in PDF format.
  • The PDF report file size should not be more than 100MB; appendices not more than 200MB.
  • All appendices must be zipped into 1 file even though there is only 1 file. 
  • The PDF report format in the CD MUST follow the format below:
  • Course Code-Year of Submission-Student ID-Copy No
  • Example: CL-2011-1001234-1 (click here to see a sample)  
  • Please write the following information on the CD (click here to see a sample):  
  • Name of Student
  • ID of Student
  • Course
  • Name of Supervisor
  • Project Title
  • The CD is to be placed in a case and submit together with the Final Report.   
  • Please remember to sign the Final Report before submission.   
  • Fill up the Permission Form and submit together with the Final Report (click here to see a sample).

General Information

  • Application for Ethical Clearance:
  • Letter of undertaking and indemnity (by students):
    • For students whose FYP tasks require external visits for sample collection, external meetings, etc have to submit the completed form (sample form – to be supported by supervisor and HoD) to Deputy Dean (Student Development & Industrial Training), LKC FES.
    • It is also required to submit 1 copy of the signed form (after HoD signed the form) to the respective FYP coordinator.
    • Please submit one form , with an appendix that lists out all companies’ details. Means one single form for many companies rather than each company one form.
  • Students are required to use the latest UTAR logo with company registration information (for all questionnaires and etc)

UTAR logo (campus ads code)

  • All FYP Progress and Final Reports (front cover with name and title of project, abstract and all the chapers only) are to be uploaded to Turnitin. Details please refer to respective supervisors.
  • Click here for Turnitin User Guide
  • Click here for Generating Originality Report Using Turnitin (GD-IAD-003)
  • On the Progress/Final Report submission due date, if the parameters of originality is not within the limits approved by UTAR as follow (extract from GD-IAD-003, Sec 3.2), the report shall be sent to a special panel for plagiarism, and the student will be called to attend an inquiry before the panel.
    3.2 Parameters of originality required and limits approved by UTAR are as follows:

(i) Overall similarity index is 20% and below (see examples in Appendix 1-1), and
(ii) Matching of individual sources listed (see examples in Appendix 1-2)
(a) must be less than 1% each (for thesis/dissertation/project report of postgraduate programmes),
(b) must be less than 3% each (for Final Year Project report of undergraduate programmes), and
(iii) Matching texts in continuous block must not exceed 8 words Note: Parameters (i) – (ii) shall exclude quotes, bibliography and text matches which are less than 8 words.”

Guidelines and Marking Schemes

Other Documents

Library Services for FYP Students

  • Explore how you could utilize the library resources for your FYP!
  • Information Skill Programme: Library conducts “Information Skill Programme” to the FYP students in week 2. Students have to register for the class once the Mail Master notification is sent out in week 1. It covers 6 modules (4 hours):
    • Module 1: Information Search Strategies
    • Module 2: Effective Database Searching
    • Module 3: Evaluation of Web Resources
    • Module 4 : Plagiarism
    • Module 5: Referencing
    • Module 6: Basic Mendeley

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