FYP Information for Department of Mathematical & Actuarial Science

Visit https://sites.google.com/site/liewhowhui/prj1 and https://sites.google.com/site/liewhowhui/prj2 for most up to date information detail description for Project I and II as well the latest updates.  The following are the weekly activities for Project I.

  • Prerequisites for UECM3583 PROJECT I is 80 credit hours.
  • UTAR Research Ethics (SoP and Form for researcher/student to conduct survey): The application for ethical approval for Final Year Projects (FYP) involving human subjects for student’s project shall be treated as a group application and as such, approval will be granted for the whole group (for the names listed in the summary form) instead of each application. Please provide the info as required in the summary form. Application for ethical approval can be submitted at any time of the month. Declaration section is to be signed by HOD and recommendation by the Dean.
  • Week 1: Read the FYP Project Titles and look for projects that are interest to you.  Find a supervisor, come up with a final year project plan and register a project with a supervisor. 
  • End of Week 1: Get the registration form FYPTitleRegistrationForm-R7.pdf from Project 1 Directory, get the supervisor’s signature and submit the form to Project I lecturer.
  • Week 2: Once you have found a final project, start reading the Project Guidelines (MathProjectGuidelines-rev201612.pdf) and the Action Plan in Project 1 Directory
  • Week 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13: Submit the biweekly reports (a template in LaTeX, pdf, doc format is available in Samples Directory) to the supervisor.
  • A sample of proposal in LaTeX format can be found in the sample directory.
  • Week 7: Submit TWO proposals to your supervisor (you may lose marks if you fail to do so)
  • Week 8: Start writing the Interim Report. A sample is provided in
    Samples Directory. A LaTeX template is available in SampleInterim.zip.  No word is available since I don’t use MS Word, anyone want to contribute a word template is welcome.  The unit leader may have given lectures on how to use LaTeX and BibTeX or you may get help on how to use it from the following websites:
    • http://www-h.eng.cam.ac.uk/help/tpl/textprocessing/
    • http://miktex.org/
  • Week 10: In a very rare case, if you need to change supervisor due to unforeseen event (such as the supervisor is leaving UTAR), submit the ChangeOfSupervisorForm-r2.pdf to Dr Pang Sook Theng’s Staff Room at FE31(1) and email him so that she can organise a meeting to discuss your issue.
  • Week 11: Oral presentation timetable will be available at the end of Week 11.
  • Week 12: Submit TWO Interim Reports and TurnItIn reports (first 4 pages, old style) to Project Supervisor before 4pm, Friday Week 12.
  • Week 13: Oral Presentation is organised on 
    • Thursday Week 13 (before poster competition, check the oral presentation timetable with Dr Pang Sook Theng) in MIMOS Lab and FE19(1) in Zone 1 (if physical class is resumed).
    • Submit the softcopy of the presentation slides to supervisor and Dr Pang Sook Theng.
    • If the presentation time conflicts with your lecture or tutorial class, inform your lecturer/tutor and attend the FYP oral presentation.
  • For those of you who are concerned about how you are being accessed, you can read the assessment files in the Assessment Directory.
  • After you have completed Project I and register for Project II, make sure you visit https://sites.google.com/site/liewhowhui/prj2/ to get the Action Plan for Project II and Oral Presentation Timetable, etc.

Action Plans for Project II:

    1. Read the Project 2 Action Plan FYP-ActionPlan-Project2-XXX.docx given by Dr Pang Sook Theng in Project 2 Directory.
    2. Week 1: If you intend to change supervisor (for example because you have learned some new things during Industrial Training and wish to change Supervisor to research on a new project), make sure you get a new supervisor’s signature and submit the change of supervisor form to Dr Pang Sook Theng’s staff room and email Dr Pang to notify him.
    3. Week 2: Continue your work from Project 1 and prepare your Final Report.  A LaTeX Template is available in LaTeX Directory. If you are using Microsoft Word or LibreOffice Writer, you need to follow the format fixed in the LaTeX Directory.
    4. Week 7: You must make sure you submit the Mid-Semester Monitoring Form to Dr Pang Sook Theng’s room at Level 8.  The form will NOT be accepted after week 7.
    5. Week 9: Submission of FYP Poster and application form.  See the Brochure-1.pdf in Poster Directory for instructions.

    6. Week 10: Make sure you submit the draft of your final report to your supervisor.  Failing to do so may lead to failing Project 2.Reminder: If your grammar and format are not meeting UTAR’s requirement, you may not be able to receive grade A, your best grade may just be grade B.  So make sure you get someone to double check and correct your grammar and format.
    7. Week 11: The oral presentation timetable will be announced at the end of Week 11.  Email supervisor or FYP coordinator for Turnitin account.

    8. Week 12:
      1. In the beginning of Week 12, submit the electronic copy of your final report to turnitin.com. Read GD-SODEMC-Turnitin-003-User Guide for Student.pdf for instructions for submitting your electronic document to turnitin.
      2. Supervisor(s) will review the electronic report in TurnItIn and fill in the FM-IAD-005-SupervisorCommentOnOriginalityReport.pdf in Project 2 Directory.
      3. Project 2 items:

        to submit to Encik Hafizul before 4pm Friday of Week 12:

        • Venue of Submission: KB903
        • Time of Submission: 9–12pm or 2–4pm (12-2pm: Sembayang)
        • If you submit after 4pm, it is considered as late submission.
    9. Week 13: There are two important events:
          • Oral Presentation is held in Week 13 (check the oral presentation timetable with Dr Pang Sook Theng).
          • Email the electronic copy of your Oral Presentation Slide to supervisor and Dr Pang Sook Theng as a proof of the Oral Presentation.
          • Poster Competition is held on  at the KB Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH). See the Brochure-1.pdf in Poster Directory for instructions.
  1. The assessment forms for your Project 2 can be found in the Assessment Directory.
  2. All final results are decided by the university senate.
  • Section: The content of the CD
  • Report file in PDF format and 1 zipped appendices (if applicable)
  • The PDF report file size should not be more than 100MB
  • The appendices in a zip file should not be more than 200MB.
  • The PDF file name in the CD MUST follow the format below:
    Course Code-Year of Submission-Student ID-Copy No

    Example: AM-2013-1001234-1

  • Copy number is basically always 1.
  • Please write the following information on the CD cover:
    • Name of Student
    • ID of Student
    • Course
    • Name of Supervisor
    • Project Title

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