Reimbursement Requisition Procedure

Reimbursement Requisition Procedure

Announcement for May 2020 trimester (new): New Reimbursement Requisition Procedure (for Part-2 students of May 2020-trimester)

Announcement of Final Year Project Reimbursement Procedure

In view of the implementation of Online Teaching and Learning (OTL) and remote examination in this trimester, the Faculty understand that some students may face difficulties in travelling back to campus to submit the reimbursement documents and to return the claim items to Faculty in Week 15. Therefore, the Faculty has proposed the updated Final Year Project (FYP) Reimbursement Procedure to facilitate the process of FYP reimbursement based on digital copies of required documents. However, physical returning of items and submission of original receipts are still compulsory for financial auditing and releasing of payment for the reimbursement application. The physical returning of items and submission of original receipts should be completed latest by 23 October 2020.

Students shall submit the following documents to latest by 15 September 2020, 5.30pm with the subject topic “FYP Claim: Name, Student ID”:

  1. FYP Reimbursement Form (Form No.: FM-LKCFES-FPC-001): Digital signatures by student and supervisor only, Excel format is preferable for reviewing and amendments of submitted documents
  2. Scanned copies of receipts: Digital signature by supervisor
  3. Digital copies of quotations: Compulsory only for any item with total price exceeding RM 100, digital signature by supervisor on all quotations
  4. Declaration Letter – FYP Reimbursement: Signature by student

Email will be the main communication medium between staff-in-charge and students during the reimbursement process for document verification. Please do check your email regularly. Incomplete documents shall delay the payment process. Should you have any enquire, please feel free to contact the following staff on the information of the updated FYP reimbursement procedure.

Department of Laboratory Management and Safety Administration (DLMSA)

Laboratory Purchasing Officer, Pn. Hanisah (

Laboratory Manager, Mr. Kho Soon Hang (

Please ensure that you have completed and submitted all the necessary documents to avoid any delay in processing your claims. For more details, please refer to the Reimbursement Procedure.

Make a copy of all the documents (especially the receipts/bills) for backup purposes.

Before submitting your claims, please ensure that:

  • All the receipts/bills must be original and clear.
  • You are allowed to claim ONLY for the items used in your FYP project. Highlight those items on the receipt.
  • You are allowed to reimburse ONLY the total amount that you have paid for. State clearly the discount that has been offered (if any) in the forms.
  • Complete the Purchase Request Form and FYP Items Return Form and attach together with the original and a photocopy of all the receipts. All forms and receipts must be verified and signed by your supervisor. Just require the signature of the supervisors
  • Email the softcopy of all the completed forms (Purchase Request Form and FYP Items Return Form) to, with the subject topic “FYP Claim: Name, Student ID”.

Reminder: Make a copy of all the documents (especially the receipts/bills) for backup purposes.

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