Corrected Final Report Submission

LMSA requirement: Week 16 of FYP 2, not later than Monday, 4 pm:

  1. Return all loan items to LKC FES DLMSA
  2. Return Locker rental to LKC FES DLMSA
  3. Work space or bench cleared
    **Bring “Laboratory Declaration Form” for signature as proof of return of all the above
    **LKC FES holds the right to reject student’s FYP Report submission (in week 17) if the above is not returned

Final Report Submission: Monday, Week 17 (Corrected Soft-bound Final Report)

  1. Upload the softcopy of final report (front cover with name and title of project, abstract and all the chapers only), in word format, to Turnitin.
  2. Print and Submit the Turnitin Originality Report (Sample) separately. DO NOT BIND the Turnitin report with the Final Report.
  3. Print and Submit the Supervisor’s Comments on Originality Report Generated by Turnitin
    for Submission of Final Year Project Report (for Undergraduate Programmes)form
  4. Submit the soft copy of the corrected Final Report 1 copy of the corrected version of soft-bound hardcopy with beige cover.
  5. Submit softcopy in CD (see below*** for details).
  6. Summary of FYP Postersacknowledged by the FYPC and verified by the supervisor
  7. Print and Submit the Permission Sheet separately. DO NOT BIND the permission sheet with the Final Report.
  8. Print and Submit the Lab (FYP) Declaration Form to the laboratory during the final submission.
  9. FYP presentation slides
  10. Submit all items to the FYP coordinator Laboratory (refer to section Submission Venues).

***IMPORTANT (Please read)

  • Please ensure that your supervisor has approved your corrected draft before it is submitted you send the Final Report for permanent binding.
  • The CD content: 1 FYP Report in PDF format and 1 zipped folder that contains the TURNITIN originality report, Supervisor’s Comments on Originality Report and appendices (if applicable) (click here for more details)
  • The PDF report file size should not be more than 100MB; appendices not more than 200MB.
  • All appendices must be zipped into 1 file even though there is only 1 file.
  • The PDF report format in the CD MUST follow the format below:

Course Code-Year of Submission-Student ID-Copy No

Example: CL-2015-1001234-1 (click here to see a sample)

  • Please write the following information on the CD (click here to see a sample). The CD is to be placed in a case and submitted together with the Final Report.
    • Name of Student
    • ID of Student
    • Course
    • Name of Supervisor
    • Project Title
  • Please remember to sign the Final Report before submission (Digital signatures are accepted).
  • Fill up the Permission Sheet and submit together with the Final Report (click here to see a sample).

The penalty for Late Submission

  • Within 2 days after the deadline (including public holidays) – five (5) marks will be deducted from the final marks.
  • After 2 days from the deadline (including public holidays) – the student will be considered to have failed and will be given an “F” grade. The student will have to repeat the unit.

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