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General Announcements

(All announcements pertaining to Final Year Project (FYP) students will be posted here. Students are advised to visit this site regularly for updates)

  • 202101 FYP briefing Schedule: Click here for details
  • LKC FES Virtual Career Platform Created by ERC Team (Posted on 7th August 2020)

This is a virtual platform created to facilitate job seeking for our graduates (as well as for final trimester students). This platform also serves as a tentative solution to replace the Industrial Interaction Day (IID) that could not be conducted during this period.
Up to date, there are around 200 vacancies from 67 companies:

All those job vacancies are available in our LKC FES website at:
* For UTAR students/graduates/alumni, they may access (using 1utar account) the online job vacancies compiled by the Faculty at:

  • Application to enter UTAR campus to return FYP items to laboratories posted on 9th June 2020 (Click here for details)
  • Application to enter UTAR Campus to Return FYP Items to Laboratoriesposted on 16th May 2020 (Click here for details)
  • Students are required to use the latest UTAR logo with company registration information

UTAR logo (campus ads code)

All FYP students of the engineering programmes are requested to change the word “Hons.” to “Honours” in their FYP reports and related documents (cover page, first page, and ‘APPROVAL FOR SUBMISSION’ page of the FYP reports, permission sheet, etc).

  • FULLY SPONSORED 1-DAY STUDENT EVENT ORGANIZED BY IEEE EPS (MALAYSIA) – IEMT 2020: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the event is postponed to next year (updated on 21st May 2020).
  • Final Year Poster Competition (202101)

In view of the uncertainties caused by COVID-19 and the govt order on “Movement Restriction”, the “Final Year Poster Competition and Industry Interaction Day” event has been changed to Virtual Final Year Poster Competition. For more details, contact your FYP coordinator or CLICK HERE.

General Information

FYP flowchart(V2)1

(FYP Flow Chart)

  • FYP Rules and Regulations for students taking FYP with the same course code for Part I and Part II (VERY IMPORTANT – MUST READ).
  • UTAR Research Ethics (SoP and Form for researcher/student to conduct survey)-to be submitted by supervisorsThe application for ethical clearance of Final Year Projects (FYP) involving human subjects or animals for student projects shall be treated as a group application and as such, approval shall be granted for the whole group (for the names listed in the summary form) instead of each application. Please provide the information as required in the summary form. Also, be informed that all submissions for ethical clearance should be accompanied by the questionnaire/interview questions that the students will be using in their research. Application for ethical clearance can be submitted at any time of the month. Declaration section is to be signed by the HoD and recommended by the Dean. If any Final Year Projects involving human subjects or animals are to be conducted in laboratories, please submit a copy of the approved ethical clearance form to the respective lab staff.
  • Letter of undertaking and indemnity (to be submitted by students): Students whose FYP tasks require external involvement such as external visits for sample collection, testing, survey, and external meetings have to submit the completed letter of undertaking and indemnity to Deputy Dean (Student Development & Industrial Training). It is also required to submit 1 copy of the signed form to the respective FYP coordinator.
  • Application for External Final Year Project attachment (to be submitted by supervisors): For any FYP attachment/collaboration with external institutions/ organizations, an application letter must be submitted by the supervisors together with:

    to the Deputy Dean (Student Development & Industrial Training).  It is also required to submit 1 copy of the signed form (after HoD signed the form) to the respective FYP coordinator.

FYP Report Writing Guidelines

(*Students are required to use the latest FYP report templates. If there are any issues with the FYP report writing guidelines &/or templates, discuss with your FYP coordinator)

Library Services for FYP Students

  • Explore how you could utilize the library resources for your FYP!
  • Information Skill Programme: Library conducts “Information Skill Programme” to the FYP students every trimester. It is compulsory for FYP students to register for the class once the Mail Master notification is sent out by the library. It covers 6 modules (a total of 4 hours):
    • Module 1: Information Search Strategies
    • Module 2: Effective Database Searching
    • Module 3: Evaluation of Web Resources
    • Module 4 : Plagiarism
    • Module 5: Referencing
    • Module 6: Basic Mendeley

Click HERE for more details on the Online Information Skills Programme for the Jan 2021 trimester.

Laboratory Services for FYP Students

FYP Planner (UEGE4113/UEGE4116/UEEP3513/UEEP3516)

Final Year Project Competition

External/University level FYP competitions

LKC FES FYP Poster Competition:

For any queries, please contact the FYP coordinators

Other Important FYP Resources

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