Programme Objectives & Outcomes

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The PEOs describe the career and professional accomplishments that the Physics programme alumni should ideally achieve in a few years after their graduation. The PEOs of Bachelor of Science (Hons) Physics are to produce:

  1. Graduates competent in practising fundamental scientific principles in physics discipline in a creative and innovative manner.
  2. Graduates capable of communicating and managing effectively in diverse areas of physics discipline.
  3. Graduates practising professional ethics, life-long learning, and sustainable development for the betterment of the profession and society.


Programme Outcomes (POs)

  1. Ability to acquire and apply fundamental laws and principles of physics.
  2. Ability to identify, formulate and solve problems in various fields of physics.
  3. Possess technical skills to conduct, analyse and interpret physics experiments.
  4. Make use of physics knowledge through critical thinking to perform independent investigation of scientific problems.
  5. Use specialized mathematical tools, programming languages and software to model, simulate and analyse scientific problems.
  6. Apply appropriate knowledge in the evaluation and assessment of subject matters pertinent to public health and safety, community welfare and cultural perspectives.
  7. Recognise the significance of sustainable development and environmental concerns for local and global community.
  8. Demonstrate professional, ethical and social responsibilities as a physicist.
  9. Communicate scientific ideas effectively and unambiguously to professionals and community at large.
  10. Display capability to work competently in multidisciplinary environment as a member or a leader with effective management skills.
  11. Recognize the need for information management and independent life- long learning in the context of scientific advancement.
  12. Demonstrate capability to apply managerial and entrepreneurial skills to manage multidisciplinary projects.

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