Programme Educational Objectives & Programme Outcomes

building-plan-354233_1920Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The PEOs describe the career and professional accomplishments that the Architecture programme alumni should ideally achieve in a few years after their graduation. The PEOs of Bachelor of Science (Hons) Architecture programme are to produce:

  • Provide sound fundamental architecture training through interdisciplinary learning environment and culture.
  • Shape creative and analytical thinkers through compulsory training in conceptual development, graphical communication, technical analysis and project implementation.
  • Train credible semi-architecture professionals who are competent in design as well as in managing design projects.
  • Equip students with core competencies which prepare them well to embark in advanced architecture training, or any other related disciplines or post-graduate studies.

Programme Outcomes (POs)

  • Apply knowledge of architectural design appropriate to the discipline to create architectural designs that satisfy both aesthetics and technical requirements with considerationto be environmentally friendly yet sustainable.
  • Use innovative and creative means in problem solving and applying the knowledge gained in their learning experiences with adequate knowledge of physical problems and technologies so as to provide a comfort and protection environment against climate.
  • Design system or component to meet desired needs in design and construction problems associated with building design and environment.
  • Apply sound knowledge and practical skills with the ability to analyze, synthesize and adapt to current developments.
  • Apply and commit themselves as a professional and understanding of ethical responsibilities in a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Recognize the importance and link between practice, theory, research and continuous learning.
  • Relate the importance of built environment issues such as ethics, culture, social harmony, entrepreneurship, human relation, green technology as well as incorporating them in the built environment.

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